Handmade rugs are like beautiful art creations. They take a long time to make, with people spending hours, weeks, or even months on each one. Each tiny knot is like a stroke of paint. So, why not put your rug on the wall like a picture? Finally, people are realizing how lovely rugs are, and hanging them up is becoming popular again.

The important thing is that only handmade rugs count as art.

There are two main choices: picture rugs or framed floor rugs.


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Picture rugs show detailed images or scenes, not regular patterns. In the past, many cultures, like Persia, Turkey, and India, made rugs as art. People loved them for being beautiful and taking skill to make. Picture rugs were special because they could tell a story or show a moment in time.

Nowadays, lots of people still like picture rugs. Modern designers make them using new ways and materials. You can put these rugs in different places, making rooms look special and personal.


Putting a rug in a frame is a good way to keep it safe and still show it off.
Here are some things to think about when hanging floor rugs:

1.Pick the right rug: Choose a rug that's pretty flat, without heavy fringe or tassels. Persian Silk or Persian Nain rugs, or Kilim rugs for a different look, are good choices.
2.Find the best spot: Put your rug where it looks good in the room. Make sure the wall is strong enough to hold the rug.
3.Use strong hardware: Use strong stuff, like a rug hanger or a decorative rod, to hang the rug. Make sure it's fixed well to the wall. If you need help with putting things up, just ask.

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