Iranian handmade carpets have long occupied a distinctive position globally, standing as a testament to Iran's artistic heritage. Collectors and enthusiasts worldwide acknowledge Iran's claim to producing the most exquisite handwoven carpets.

Roughly one-third of the world's handwoven carpets are crafted in Iran, with a significant 40% of this production occurring in the province of Azerbaijan. The appeal of Iranian handwoven carpets transcends their aesthetic and authentic qualities, influenced notably by the choice of fibers utilized in their fabrication. Furthermore, the fact that these carpets gain beauty through usage adds to their allure.

Varieties of Iranian Handwoven Carpets:

Iranian handwoven carpets are broadly classified into two categories: "ghali" and "ghaliche," primarily differing in size, with those measuring less than 6 meters referred to as "ghaliche."

Common Sizes of Handwoven Carpets:

The prevalent sizes for Iranian handwoven carpets are 6 meters, 9 meters, 12 meters, and 24 meters, selected based on the intended space.

Factors Impacting Handwoven Carpet Prices:

The pricing of a carpet or rug is influenced by dimensions, patterns, colors, yarn composition, and the intricacy of weaving. Notably, silk carpets with fine weaving, high knot density, and substantial dimensions stand out as exceptionally valuable, ranking among the world's most expensive carpets.

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