Persian rugs have enjoyed enduring admiration for centuries, lauded for their superb artistry and detailed motifs. With diverse origins across Iran, Persian rugs showcase a rich tapestry of patterns unique to their locales. While numerous Persian rug types exist, several stand out as particularly beloved today.

Tabriz Rugs: Originating from Tabriz, these rugs boast intricate floral designs and fine craftsmanship, epitomizing elegance with their detailed patterns and high-quality weave.

Isfahan Rugs: Hailing from Isfahan, these rugs are celebrated for their delicate floral motifs and meticulous construction, often featuring high knot densities and smooth textures.

Kashan Rugs: From Kashan, these rugs dazzle with elaborate designs, central medallions, and vibrant colors, embodying opulence and precision.

Heriz Rugs / Serapi / Bakshaish Rugs: Produced in the Heriz region, these rustic rugs feature bold geometric patterns and vibrant colors, renowned for their durability.

Kerman Rugs: Originating from Kerman, these luxurious rugs exhibit intricate floral designs and ornate borders, crafted with high-quality wool and exceptional craftsmanship.

Qum (Qom) Rugs: Highly coveted, Qum rugs from Iran feature intricate silk designs and meticulous detailing, showcasing artistic brilliance.

Nain Rugs: From Nain, these traditional rugs are admired for their graceful floral patterns on light backgrounds, often woven with a blend of wool and silk.

Sultanabad (Arak) Rugs: Sultanabad rugs, known for their durability and diverse patterns, embody both rustic charm and elegance.

Khorasan (Khorassan) Rugs: From northeastern Iran, Khorasan rugs feature intricate floral and geometric motifs, woven with high-quality wool and vibrant colors.

Malayer Rugs: These decorative rugs from western Iran feature artistic patterns and a variety of colors, prized for their casual elegance.

Bidjar (Bijar) Rugs: Renowned for durability, Bidjar rugs from northwestern Iran feature vibrant floral patterns and sturdy construction.

While trends may shift, these classic Persian rug types remain cherished by collectors and enthusiasts worldwide for their timeless allure and impeccable craftsmanship.