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Welcome to The Persian Carpet Gallery, your trusted source for exquisite rugs for over 55 years. If you're in the market for a statement piece that combines artistry, history, and functionality, you're in the right place. In this blog post, we invite you to explore the world of Heriz rugs, a treasure trove of beauty and craftsmanship. Whether you're a seasoned rug collector or a first-time buyer, our Heriz rugs collection is sure to captivate your senses and enhance the beauty of your space.

Heriz Rugs: A Glimpse into Timelessness

Heriz rugs are a testament to the enduring allure of Persian craftsmanship. Hailing from the town of Heris in northwest Iran, these rugs have a rich history dating back to the 19th century. Heriz rugs are renowned for their distinct geometric designs, bold color palettes, and exceptional durability. Each rug is a unique work of art, handwoven by skilled artisans, making them a perfect addition to any home or collection.

Why Choose Heriz Rugs?

Unmatched Quality

Heriz rugs are woven with high-quality wool and cotton, ensuring they stand the test of time. Their dense weave and sturdy construction make them ideal for high-traffic areas in your home.

Timeless Beauty

The intricate geometric patterns and vibrant color combinations of Heriz rugs add a touch of elegance to any room. Their timeless design ensures they never go out of style.

Investment Value

Heriz rugs are not only decorative but also a smart investment. Their value tends to appreciate over time, making them a valuable addition to your home and potentially your portfolio.

The Persian Carpet Gallery

At The Persian Carpet Gallery, we take pride in curating a diverse and extensive Heriz rugs collection. When you choose us, you benefit from:


With over five decades of experience, our team has a deep knowledge of rugs, ensuring you make an informed choice.


We source our Heriz rugs directly from trusted artisans and dealers in Iran, guaranteeing their authenticity and quality.


Whether you're looking for a small accent piece or a room-filling masterpiece, our collection includes rugs of various sizes, colors, and designs to suit your preferences.


We also offer customization options, allowing you to create a Heriz rug that perfectly matches your unique style and space.

Buy Heriz Rugs Today

When you buy Heriz rugs from The Persian Carpet Gallery, you're not just purchasing a rug; you're investing in a piece of history and artistry. Our commitment to quality, authenticity, and customer satisfaction has made us a trusted name in the industry for over half a century.

So, why wait? Explore our Heriz rugs collection today and bring home a piece of Persian heritage that will enrich your life for generations to come. Don't miss the opportunity to buy rugs that are not just floor coverings but true works of art.

Visit The Persian Carpet Gallery today and make a statement with a Heriz rug that reflects your taste and style. Buy Heriz rugs now and experience the timeless elegance they bring to your home.