50 Years and Counting...

The Faeghi Family have traded fine handmade carpets in Persia for many generations. For more than 50 years, Peter Faeghi has shared this lineage with thousands of Australians, offering the authentic works of art to enliven and enrich their homes. He believes a home is bare and soulless without a genuine handmade carpet. Like our own identities, each piece is unique and crafted with its own story to tell. Better in design, they provide a far richer, sensual and aesthetic experience. Something you have to see and feel to truly understand.

Made from organic, natural dyes in vibrant colours from the likes of the indigo plant through to turmeric, saffron and pomegranate, genuine Persian rugs cut far above anything else. The importance of knowing you are buying an original handwoven rug, and not one of the many copies that flood the market today, is something The Persian Carpet Gallery prides itself on. Seeking to educate and captivate with integrity and trust in the trade, the Faeghi Family will continue this heritage for many more decades to come.

Peter Faeghi

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